Renting a house in Provence for a year for our family of six

“We contacted Fabienne for assistance in renting a house in Provence for a year for our family of six. We had searched ourselves for six months without any luck. We have already found schools for our children, so we were quite specific about location, and this was the trip of a lifetime for us, so we were quite picky !!

We cannot speak highly enough of the service provided by Fabienne. Fabienne provided details, over a short period of time, of a number of houses for our review. She was very prompt, diligent and patient. More than that, we felt that Fabienne understood our dream, that she “got it”, and she was determined to find the right house for us, and make it a success. She did just that – Fabienne found a wonderful house, that we would never have found ourselves, checked it out to ensure that it was right, and then worked very hard on the owner to ensure that the rental was something we could live with. We have met the owner since, who has confirmed that he was also very impressed with Fabienne. We have been in the house now for three months, and it is perfect. We are lucky to have found Fabienne – without her, I doubt we would be in the place of our dreams in Provence !”

Grant and Kate Kemble, New Zealand


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